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Veronica has more than 20 years of international experience in preventing, detecting and investigating corporate fraud and corruption. She has also worked for several years assisting organisations with the establishment of compliance programmes, as well as monitoring and early detection systems. A sociologist of work and economics with a master in organisational science, she has developed holistic desktop investigative research and analysis tools with leading indicators to predict and prevent where fraud, corruption and unethical business behaviour will strike. Veronica specialises also in fraud and corruption management courses and models to assess the effectiveness of anti-corruption and fraud strategies adopted in organisations, holding a PhD on this subject from the University of Leicester, School of Business.



Since his first full time job as internal auditor starting in 1975, Richard has accumulated experience in audit, investigation, financial control, and general management. Inquisitive by nature, he knows there is usually more than one right way to do things, and many wrong ways. Richard’s talent for penetrating complexity and understanding his clients’ business processes makes him a valuable resource for assessment, investigation and improvement projects. Richard graduated BSc in Accountancy, and is qualified CPA and CIA.


Jan has performed a number of forensic investigations and fraud detection projects, as well as held courses in red flag detection within fraud and corruption and corporate governance. He holds an MBA and CPA degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen. After spending 4 years as an external auditor he was Chief Financial Officer for 9 years in an international construction company with operations in East Africa. After that he worked for over 20 years as advisor (on, among others, business development, sustainability evaluations, performance audit and background checks) for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NORAD, Embassies and Norfund) and private sector companies operating in East-Africa, The Balkans, Baltic states, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Palestine Territories


Managing Director

Ian works with and through leaders to create sustainable and desirable changes for organisations. His first career spanned more than 20 years working on large design and construction projects. He negotiated contracts between oil companies, and engineering/construction contractors, and in this period sat on both sides of the table (but not at the same time!). In the last 16 years, Ian has moved to business consultancy and applied his masters and doctoral degrees to guide, cajole and sometimes bully organisations into making difficult and uncomfortable transitions. Ian has a deep understanding of business, has worked worldwide, lived at times in the Far East and Middle East, and currently resides in Norway.




Allan’s long experience from 1967 includes UK Customs and Excise Investigations and New Scotland Yard, where he specialized in narcotics and organised crime. Between 1985 and 1997 Allan worked as Deputy Managing Director with Martin Samociuk at Network Security Management Limited, Europe’s leading fraud investigation consultancy. Apart from leading hundreds of investigations and recovery projects throughout the world for both commercial and government clients, he created the highly successful Forensic Laboratories which were eventually acquired by Control Risks Group. Allan has project managed many successful investigations around the world.



Maurizio has 18 years’ experience in innovation and organisational development in a wide variety of sectors which include telecommunications and technology, banking, retail and consumer products, culture, education and government, in primarily Italy, Switzerland and Brazil. He provides training to achieve fulfilment of goals both at a personal and organisational level. Finding fraud and corruption early, dealing with it responsibly to foster organisational robustness is an important cornerstone of his work today.

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