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Veronica Morino teaching at one of the Hibis' fraud awareness workshops


Raised awareness, better knowledge, and enhanced skills

Fraud and corruption is part of daily life. 

Raising awareness and providing people with the right skills are the first steps towards building fraud resistance and making corrupt behaviour less acceptable.


Training is a powerful tool to help people avoid bad mistakes they will later regret, as well as provide them with the skills to protect the organisation against career fraudsters; it also saves financial losses or reputational damage.


You will experience specially developed courses and techniques to bridge the skills gap using innovative ways to raise the awareness, such as various forms of experiential learning, drama, real-life scenarios, live simulations, and films.


Here are some of our offerings (details can be found on our Knowledge & Training page):


  • Practical open courses and workshops

  • Accredited management courses

  • On the job-training and in-house workshops

  • Online workshops

  • Publications and books

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