All our training is practical and based on real life examples and experiences. The techniques we teach can be used immediately in helping building resistance to fraud and corruption in your organisation. We offer both classroom and remote courses in collaboration with a number of  educational institutions and professional bodies, as well as tailored in-house modules.

If you have missed an event which you found especially interesting, don't worry. Just contact us and we can arrange one specific for you or others who may be interested.


How to Get Ahead of the Fraudster

A course for anyone who wants to find the early warning signs of potential fraud that are hidden in plain sight before it's too late!

A practical training course based on Hibis' long experience with early detection of fraud and corruption. It is designed specially to help our clients unearth the red flags of fraud and corruption which remain hidden but are continuously impacting on their organisation. This includes identifying deliberate overcharging, manipulation of accounting figures, unethical customers and associations with Dirty Money Centres (the more sinister side of tax havens). The early detection method centres around analysing key accounting data and sample documentation, combined with effective and deep investigative desktop research. This is a practical course with realistic examples for all those who wish to learn how to discover fraud early. If run in-house, it can be preceded by a short exercise aimed at identifying some real examples of potential red flags to be discussed, interpreted, and understood as part of the training (anonymised when appropriate). Learn key detection skills so that effective early detection can become part of your routine work.

How to Build Fraud Resilience (management course)

Nobody wants to be swindled. This is the course for anyone who wants to develop an organisation that is resilient to fraud.

This course is highly-practical and based on experience. You will use real-life simulations, case examples, typical fraudulent documents, and “think like a thief brainstorming” to explore how fraud and corruption affects and threatens us all. This course is aimed at providing skills to recognise the fundamental difference between genuine mistake, malpractice, and fraudulent behaviour. By learning where and how fraud and corruption strikes and what it costs, organisations can, step by step, improve their reputation and build a strong and viable anti-corruption culture. 


  • Working together to stop fraud and corruption
    Apr 21, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM GMT+2
    We will share best practices, experiences and discuss solutions from different perspectives. You will get an update on the current rules and regulations, learn how to establish a good anti-corruption culture and how to carry a corporate investigation when not much is available in the public domain.


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