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Development and delivery of a 3-hour fraud and corruption awareness webinar for a team of key selected employees at a large international organisation.

Project duration: 1 month

The case:

The head of finance of a large international organisation was looking for a way to raise internal awareness on corruption and fraud in an interactive, engaging, and also very practical way. The initial discussions with Hibis were around the development and delivery of a series of hands-on classroom workshops, using realistic examples of potential malpractice, that could take place at several locations and/or in different departments. Then came the pandemic, the new routines on social distancing and working from home, and the need for the whole world to adapt and contain this situation. Under these conditions, rather than postponing the project to wait for better times, and especially considering that it is in difficult times that fraudsters take even more advantage of weaknesses and loopholes, the head of finance agreed to engage Hibis in developing and piloting a 3-hour interactive and customised fraud and corruption awareness webinar. The delivery included: 


  • Training sessions combining theory and tailormade examples of typical documents with potential red flags and early warning signs of corruption and fraud 

  • Discussions, group work and separate sessions where participants had to work in smaller virtual rooms to examine case studies, supervised by the moderators 

  • Interactive polling questions about the topics treated, followed by a brainstorming of results in plenum 

  • A final de-brief and feedback-gathering session with the client’s project owners to ensure knowledge transfer so that similar session could be delivered in the future to a wider target using internal resources 



Even though monitoring and practical training activities to raise awareness on fraud and corruption at distance might seem challenging, simple and targeted early detection can be done from anywhere and by anyone... and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either.

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