Our mission started in 1998, with Hibis’ founder Martin Samociuk, who pioneered fraud and corruption prevention and investigation in the 1980’s and 90’s.

The Mission of Hibis has always been early detection, constructive investigation and effective prevention of fraud and corruption.

We believe in the need to dramatically raise awareness, and in the power that lies in anyone being able to spot malpractice early, provided they are given the confidence and the skills to do it.

The role of Hibis is to share our experience and support those people who wish to take a stand against fraud and corruption.

Hibis aims at providing advice, resources and innovative tools to responsibly and sustainably prevent, identify and resolve instances of fraud and corruption, as well as rebuild trust after serious cases of malpractice.

Our with-client work is supported by various forms of training, workshops, seminars, books, publications and films, all with the purpose of stimulating this greater awareness and self-reliance.

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