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Identification of early warning signs of potential fraud and corruption and how to resolve them

Early Detection is for clients who wish to identify risk areas and red flags of potential malpractice in a quick, effective and non-disruptive manner.

Early Detection combines proprietary algorithms developed in cooperation with the company B4 Investigate AB aimed at identifying suspicious transactions and significant examples where their organisation may be defrauded, together with methodologies for investigative desktop research to assess and refine the nature the findings.  


Typically, findings could cover indications of:

  • Suppliers who are deliberately and unfairly over-charging or behaving unethically in some manner

  • Customers which are receiving overly favorable treatment or are able to exert undue influence and pressure

  • Monies paid and/or received in jurisdictions that are not commensurate with the jurisdiction of the payer/payee

  • Dealings and transactions with potential front companies and other centres of “dirty money”

  • Consultants, agents and other middlemen who are misusing a trusted position

  • Examples where collusion with employees is taking place


And other instances where fraud or corruption is causing a direct loss of money, or potential damage to reputation and/or the organizational culture.

Deliverables will always include key information such as areas of risks, methods of fraud identified, supportive illustrative examples of specific red flags, together with recommendations to be used as basis for mitigation and further follow-up activities.

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