All our training is practical and based on real life examples and experiences. The techniques we teach can be used immediately in helping defend your organisation against fraud and corruption. People learn from us around the world, in a number of locations. We offer public courses with a number of universities and other educational institutions and bespoke in-house training.

If you have missed an event which you found especially interesting, don't worry. Just contact us and we can arrange one specific for you or others who may be interested.


How to Find Fraud Before it Finds You

A course for anyone who wants to find the red flags of fraud early and not wait for a whistleblower, or wait until it's too late!

“Finding fraud Before it Finds you” is a practical training course based on the “B4” methodology which we regularly use for all our European clients. It is designed specially to help our clients unearth all the red flags of fraud and corruption which remain hidden but are continuously impacting on their organisation. This includes identifying deliberate overcharging, manipulation of accounting figures, unethical customers and associations with Dirty Money Centres (the more sinister side of tax havens). The B4 method centres around analysing key data flows and sample documentation, combined with effective and deep investigative desktop research. B4 courses are practical open courses for all those who wish to discover fraud early. We also can run them as in-house courses for our clients given you the option analyse some real data and find some real fraud. Performing a short exercise in advance to uncover, interpret, and understand the red flags provides real examples and cases which are then fed into the training, and can be used further in internal training (including management training). We strongly believe in teaching our clients these skills so that effective early detection can become part of their routine work. If you are interested to know more about "Finding Fraud Before it Finds You" then do get in touch.

How to Defend Your Organisation against Fraud and Corruption (management course)

None of us wants to be swindled. This is the “self-defence” course for anyone who wants to improve her/his own and their organization’s robustness and resilience to corruption and fraud.

This course is highly-practical and based on experiences. You will use real-life simulations, case examples, typical fraudulent documents, “think like a thief brainstorming” and drama to explore how the fraud and corruption affects and threatens us all. This course is about realising where fraud and corruption strikes, what it costs and how you can win back lost money, improve your organisation’s reputation and give a positive boost to the culture. This course is about teaching practical techniques which work. As the saying goes…”one of the best ways of making money is to stop losing it.”


Using Data Analytics to Find Fraud
Fraud Investigations Workshop Part 1: How to Conduct a Fraud Investigation
Fraud Investigations Workshop Part 2: Fraud Resistance Strategies
Using Data Analytics to Find Fraud


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